BioTeach UAB Helps Bring Gel Electrophoresis into the Classroom

Developed by Dr. Stephen Hajduk, founding director of CORD, BioTeach has been offered since 1992 to high school biology teachers within the state of Alabama.  The goal of BioTeach is to provide teachers with the basic knowledge and laboratory skills needed to bring molecular biology into the high school classroom. Our own, Kelly Nguyen was … Continued

Amgen Biotech Experience Ireland and Gel Electrophoresis

Seeing biology students get excited about science is reassuring for our global future!  When students capture images of DNA and post to their social media with a “Wow!  Gel electrophoresis is sweet!”  we know we are doing something right.  The MiniOne System is specifically designed for classroom use – to ignite students interests in biotechnology … Continued

ABLE 2015 Inspires Science Teacher Community

This year the Association for Biology Laboratory Education (ABLE) held their 37th annual conference at Boston University. The focus of ABLE is to improve the undergraduate biology laboratory experience by promoting the development and dissemination of interesting, innovative, and reliable laboratory exercises between science teachers and industry thought leaders.  Hands-on labs, presentations and mini-workshops provide science teachers with the type … Continued

Culture of Biology: Learning to Love LAKrids, Liquorice, Licorice, …SALTY Licorice!

Last week we had the pleasure of being at the International Biology Olympiad 2015 in Aarhus, Denmark.  We spent a considerable amount of time with student scientists from 61 countries.  We learned about their biology studies, classes and laboratories.  We also learned about their homes, their cultures, …their unique tastes in candy! We learned that … Continued

450 Student Scientists Converge on Denmark for the International Biology Olympiad 2015

Students from 61 countries arrived in Denmark this week to compete on their knowledge and expertise in biology at the International Biology Olympiad. Beyond the opportunity to collaborate and network with their peers and industry leaders, students are taking practical and theoretical exams to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and for the chance to win … Continued

Teacher Training: Gel Electrophoresis with the MiniOne Unit

Teacher training and introduction to gel electrophoresis with the MiniOne System is a fun workshop for us (and for the teachers)!  At our Bristol Community College workshop, we spent time training future science teachers how to prepare and run a gel electrophoresis using the MiniOne System. Why is the teacher training workshop fun? Teachers and … Continued

DNA Analysis Workshop: New York Master Teacher Program

STEM teachers from the New York Master Teacher Program converged at SUNY Plattsburgh for a DNA Analysis Workshop with the MiniOne System Team and others.  Our MiniOne System Team spent time demonstrating the technology advances of the MiniOne unit and shared some best practices for DNA Analysis curriculum with teachers in attendance.  In turn, STEM teachers shared … Continued

STEM Education meet STEM Employment

“STEM employment growth is outpacing the general economy by about 300 percent. And, over the next five years, the United States is expected to add as many as 1.3 million new STEM jobs. And these positions aren’t just plentiful – they also pay well. In the United States, the average professional with a STEM degree … Continued

STEM Education and Gel Electrophoresis in the California Classroom

We’re located in southern California and we are continually impressed with the quality and availability of STEM education in our region and state.  While we know there is a need for more STEM learning programs and opportunities, we are excited to see students learning through hands-on lab experiments using gel electrophoresis. With that in mind, we … Continued

Biology Road Trip: Visiting Rye Country Day School

While we were in New York we stopped off to visit Rye Country Day School to learn about their biology and STEM learning programs.  Rye Country Day embraces both a traditional and innovative approach to education –  meaning they encourage students to take ownership in their education and empower them to do so. We were pleased … Continued