Two-Steppin’ in Texas: High Schools Take the Lead

Okay – we’ll be honest with you –we didn’t literally go two-steppin’.  We did, however, meet up with a couple of wonderful Houston high schools last week.  Science partners at North Houston Early College High School and Carnegie Vanguard High School took time out of their day to lead us through their programs and curriculum. We had a great … Continued

The Science of NFL Football and Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion

This past weekend kicked off the 2015–16 NFL football season (and for high school football season too)! For most of us here in the office – football means time with friends, some great tailgating food and SCIENCE FUN! Yes, that’s right science and fun go together. We’re going to stay out of the “Deflate Gate … Continued

Inspiration from a Jell-O Cup: The MiniOne GelCup for Electrophoresis

What is it about a Jell-O cup that makes everyone happy?  Perfect serving size, no preparation, easy-to-open package, no refrigeration required… If only preparing gel for electrophoresis was so easy, right? We kept hearing over and over – from teachers directly – they were often deterred from doing hands-on labs due to the setup time required. … Continued