Workshop at La Jolla Library – Foodborne Outbreak Investigation

An inquiry-based lab incorporating hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data analysis Give students the complete hands-on experience of running a molecular biology investigation from beginning to end while engaging them with a scenario based on a real-world Shigella outbreak. In this workshop, you will gain practical experience with technology and protocols that are easy to … Continued

DIY Bio Home Enthusiast

Running the MiniOne Gel Electrophoresis at Home by Su-Lin, DIY Bio Home Enthusiast The MiniOne system is a very convenient to use system for Gel Electrophoresis experiments at home. It contains everything you pretty much need to run the gel, and leaves you to focus your time and effort on the actual experiment setups and … Continued

Libraries as a Hub for Literacy – AND Science too!

Libraries began as a deliberate accumulation of documents and evolved into more identifiably as a hub for literacy, knowledge and learning. As pioneers, the La Jolla/Riford Library has taken the definition of, “library” to a whole new level by putting in a fully equipped science lab. The La Jolla/Riford Library welcomes the public to a new space where they … Continued