MiniOne PCR System: Fast, intuitive, and affordable

Teach and do a PCR lab in 45 Minutes.

  • Affordable and accommodates up to 16 samples
  • Complete a lambda DNA amplification in 20 minutes
  • Excite and engage students by utilizing intuitive app on mobile device to teach PCR programing

MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System: Affordable, safe, and reliable

Teach an electrophoresis lab in 45 minutes.

  • Affordable to own and economical to run
  • Complete and visualize DNA separation in 20 minutes
  • Hands-on labs engage students safely – they do most of the work means minimal prep work for teachers

MiniOne MiniLabs: Complete lab kits for hands-on learning

Fun, engaging, and economical inquiry-based lessons

  • Complete lab kit includes ready-to-pour GelCups, reagents, and supplies
  • Detailed guides with background information, step-by-step procedures, and worksheets
  • Affordable kits, each kit enough for 10 runs

MiniOne Multi-Speed Centrifuge

Intuitive design and quiet operation, compact and great value

  • One rotor accommodates multiple tube sizes
  • Multiple speed for multiple use – quick spin and cell pelleting
  • Solidly built, quiet to operate, and intuitive to use


Pipettes and Accessories

Variable volume pipettes, pipette tips, and microcentrifuge tubes

Variable volume pipettes are:

  • Light-weight, accurate, and easy to handle
  • Universal fit and industry standard format
  • Manufactured according to standard ISO13485


Convenient, ready-to-use reagents simplify preparation and set-up

  • Easy, ready-to-use. Re-meltable GelCup saves teacher time on prep work
  • Pre-stained with GelGreen which is non-hazardous and saves staining time
  • Easy-to-use buffer concentrates, DNA markers, and loading dye

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