MiniOne™ MiniLabs

We currently offer six unique lab kits exclusively for the MiniOne™ System. Geared towards helping teachers use gel electrophoresis to explain the complex process of DNA separation in real time, each hands-on MiniLab explores a different facet of DNA analysis, and can be completed in the span of one class period.

Practice Pipette Kit

Master loading, handling, and dispensing pipettes on agar gels… skills that are essential for all MiniOne™ gel electrophoresis labs.

Handling a micropipette or “pipette” is not hard, but it takes lots of practice. With the MiniOne™ Practice Pipette Kit, students can become acquainted with the simple but precise method of loading and dispensing pipettes and accurately loading DNA samples into wells. Utilizing agar gel, as opposed to the more expensive and ultra-pure agarose, students can gain confidence and become more comfortable with the process before moving onto more advanced MiniLabs.

Electrophoresis 101 MiniLab

Learn the fundamentals of DNA separation with this introduction to gel electrophoresis and the MiniOne™ System!

With the Electrophoresis 101 MiniLab, students are able to take their first step into the world of fast speed DNA separation. They have the opportunity to watch DNA migration through an agarose gel in real time, and snap photos of the results! This lab provides the perfect visual aid to help students understand and discuss the mechanics of gel electrophoresis, while involving them in the process from start to finish.

PTC Gene MiniLab

An engaging lab to help students understand how dominant and recessive genes affect their daily lives!

Using the methods of 1930s chemist Arthur Fox, students will use the MiniOne to understand how the TAS2R38 gene can determine how their taste buds sense certain substances! The PTC Gene MiniLab lets students explore the case of Jillian, her family, and how they taste phenylthiocarbamine (PTC). Does Jillian have ancestors who couldn’t taste PTC, or was she adopted? With MiniOne’s patent-pending fast speed electrophoresis process, students get to watch the DNA separation process from start to finish…and within one class period, Jillian’s mystery will be solved!

Fingerprinting MiniLab

Use advanced DNA fingerprinting methods to analyze relationships and breeding behaviors of endangered humpback whales!

The development of restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) over the past 30 years has made determining biological relationships much more efficient and accurate. With the MiniOne™ DNA Fingerprinting MiniLab, students learn how gel electrophoresis can reveal DNA banding patterns that hold clues to the history and heritage of an individual. Then they get to unleash their inner cetologist and help determine the parentage of an endangered whale calf!

CSI Forensics MiniLab

Solve a murder using real crime scene investigators’ methods – from gathering DNA to analyzing testimony – and find out who really killed Dr. Ward!

Gel electrophoresis isn’t just for finding out parentage and genetics – it can also help CSI forensic specialists discover who committed a crime! With this MiniOne™ System MiniLab, students act as a CSI forensics team to solve a mysterious crime by comparing fingerprints and hair samples left at the scene of prominent physician Dr. Phillip Ward’s death. Compelling and fun, this lab gets students truly excited for the DNA electrophoresis process.

Forensic Science: Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab

An inquiry-based AP biology lab incorporating experimental design, hypothesis testing, and data analysis.

Based on a real-world Shigella outbreak, your students will design their own experiments to discover the source of the outbreak. Using gel electrophoresis and forensic science, they will run a molecular biology investigation from start to finish. Give your students the complete hands-on experience.

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