Electrophoresis in the classroom

MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System delivers hands-on electrophoresis experience with real-time feedback to students within a 45-minute class session. The system combines electrophoresis running and viewing of DNA agarose gel into one compact package that is easy and safe to use. Students can make and load gels, view DNA bands separating, and take pictures from their mobile device for their homework or to show their parents. MiniOne Electrophoresis System is the solution that enables you to teach electrophoresis with ease and confidence in the classroom.


MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System Features


Easy, Safe, and Robust For The Modern Classroom

MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System is a safe, classroom friendly, compact system that replaces your traditional electrophoresis running tank, power supply, and UV transilluminator.

  • Interlocking magnet on/off mechanism on the hood and low voltage keeps users safe from electric shock.
  • Non-hazardous GelGreen stain that fluoresces in blue light eliminating the need for Ethidium Bromide and UV.
  • Durable graphite electrodes are robust for classroom use.
  • One-way fit buffer tank, gel tray, and comb for foolproof set up.
  • Ventilated photo hood with optimized focal distance and optimally placed blue LEDs provide clear uniform visualization and photo documentation with mobile devices.

Run & Cast Easily

Making the gel is fast, easy, and economical:

  • Microwave two gel cups for 30 seconds and pour each into the gel tray to make two gels simultaneously.
  • Minimal agarose and buffer used to cast and run the gel.

Cast Gels Easily Without Leaks or Mess

The casting system of MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System features:

  • A two-compartment molded enclosure for casting two gels at a time.
  • Drop and pour gel trays require no tape or gaskets – no more leaks and mess.
  • Reference point on the gel tray for the combs – no more bottomless wells.

Error-free Gel Loading

Loading a gel can be hard, but seeing the well is most of the battle. See the wells better by simply turning on the blue LEDs. The blue light provides a contrast so you can see the outline of the wells you are loading into.

Observe Real-time DNA Results

MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System offers students the opportunity to watch the DNA bands migrate and see their results in real-time. You can go from experiment to full display in 20 minutes, complete with a read-out that is picture ready.


Take Pictures With Ease #theminione

It’s easy to take pictures of DNA results with MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System. Students enjoy the excitement of taking pictures on their smart phones to share and compare with their classmates. Compare gel pictures on social media — use #theminione to share!


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