MiniOne™ Pipettes

Pipetting, or the act of transferring and dispensing liquid, is a necessary skill to acquire and master as a researcher, whether in biology, chemistry, or drug discovery. Available in four sizes, MiniOne™ pipettes are high-quality, durable and affordable – and a necessary component to the MiniOne™ System.

What is a MiniOne™ Pipette?

A pipette works similar to an eye-dropper. A button on the top of the pipette is depressed, causing the plunger to generate a vacuum that sucks up liquid surrounding the tip when it is released. With the MiniOne™ electrophoresis system, a pipette is used to transfer DNA samples into wells created in the agarose gel. One FREE 2–20µl MiniOne™ pipette comes with every MiniOne™ System purchased, and is engineered to work with all of the MiniLabs.*

* Purchasing additional pipettes is recommended for replacements, teacher demonstrations, and to lessen waiting time between students. Other sizes available for lab projects that require different-sized samples.

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