CSI Forensics MiniLab


Who killed Dr. Ward? Solve the mystery with the DNA left behind with the CSI Forensics Kit.

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Ideal for 9-12th grade Biology and Forensic students
MiniLab contains materials for 30-40 students

You see it on TV all the time, here’s a chance to explore a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) in the classroom.

  • Develop an understanding of gel electrophoresis and its principles
  • To understand and use forensic science principles to analyze data
  • Practice logical deduction to determine a probable conclusion
  • Understand fingerprint analysis
  • Understand simple hair analysis
  • Understand DNA analysis
  • MiniLab components: 10 1% Agarose GreenGel in-a-Cup, 100 ml TBE Concentrate, 5 DNA samples, pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes,  a teacher guide & student worksheet
  • Supplies and materials enough for 10 runs
  • Store at 4°C refrigerator (especially for the DNA samples); GreenGel-in-a-Cup should be protected from light
  • Guarantee stable for six months with proper storage”


CSI Forensics Students Worksheet
CSI Forensics Teachers Guide <--- (Contact us for Password)

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