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The DNA fingerprinting lab worked very well. The electrophoresis unit is awesome. I fell in love with the mini compact design. I have been running gels for over 5 years and I was never able to finish the lab in one period. The compact design of the unit allowed me to run the gel in 20 minutes and my students were able to view the bands during their class period. Also the quality of the DNA bands was great.

February 25, 2015

Dr. Vyjayanti JoshiScience Department ChairLake View High SchoolChicago, IL
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I’ve been super impressed with all of the Embi Tec equipment we use for our outreach program for their robust design, efficiency of time and supplies and the companies amazing customer service. Teachers borrow one time in our kits and they want access to them all the time, so they write small grants or invite their administrators into their classrooms to see the learning and opportunities their students are getting. MiniOnes are a game-changer. Teachers will be able to run a intensive lab within a regular 50 minute class period. Students get the FULL experience from loading to image to analysis right at their desk. MiniOne allows for real complex, exciting hands-on science, less and safer teacher prep (no more pre and post staining after school), more cost savings (smaller gels, less TAE). This is what science education is all about!

August 1, 2014

Adrienne HouckAmgen Biotech Experience Outreach CoordinatorShoreline Community CollegeShoreline, WA
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As a high school teacher I think there are a lot of benefits to your system in a classroom situation.

With the low voltage and the ability to use the GelGreen I feel you have minimized the safety issues while still providing a real life experience for the students. I also really like the carbon filaments that give your system more durability.

In high school, we don’t have a large block of time for labs like they do in college. The ability to set up your system quickly with a single plug is very appealing to me. I can set up the lab and just as importantly break it down in a short amount of time. The fact that students can see the results of the electrophoresis in just a few minutes is also ideal for a high school setting.

All in all, I think you have a winner with your system. I think that it will have a strong appeal to high school teachers that want to do gel electrophoresis in their class.

June 7, 2014

Matt McDermitTrabuco Hills High SchoolMission Viejo, CA

I just saw a demo of Embi Tec’s MiniOne gel electrophoresis system – it is genius. The system is set up so that students can pour, load and run a gel in a single class period. And I could clearly see DNA bands after 15 minutes of runtime – brilliant. No toxic ethidium bromide and finally, no messy methylene blue. This system is fast, easy and reliable. I can’t wait to use it next year!

May 30, 2014

Cheryl EisenSan Diego Jewish AcademySan Diego, CA
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I have been doing biotechnology labs for 24 years in my classroom and I am very impressed with the potential I see with the MiniOne. These electrophoresis units will free up class time by allowing us to pour the gels hot, run them rapidly and eliminate the staining and destaining process. As such, students will have the time to make their own gels and we will have time within our class period to begin analyzing results. I also believe the students will have a better understanding of the process because they will be able to watch the DNA separate in real time. As a teacher, I am also thrilled that the entire process is now “green”!

May 28, 2014

Winnie LittenOak Park High SchoolOak Park, CA
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Recently I had the pleasure of attending a demonstration of the MiniOne gel electrophoresis unit. Because the unit incorporates the power supply, transilluminator, and gel box, students are able to view band migration through the gel in real time. This allows immediate band analysis and discussion by the students – a huge plus. The use of GelGreen stain makes it safer and less time demanding for both students and teachers. The compact size allows the unit to be quickly set up and easily stored. The MiniOne is an excellent alternative for educators who are looking to purchase their own equipment.

Mays 28, 2014

Carol Fujitahigh school biology teacher for 26 years, Amgen Biotech Experience Site CoordinatorCSU-Channel IslandsCamarillo, CA
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Every year, I have been reluctant to do a biotech unit with anyone except my highest students (AP and honors) because of the chemicals (ethidium bromide) and the time constraints of a traditional (non-block schedule) science period. I had the pleasure of seeing a demo of the MiniOne system first hand and it has changed my perspective on the possibilities. This is well- thought out and user-friendly, utilizing much safer materials. It is more time-efficient for classroom use. I saw results within 12 minutes and was able to take a picture with my phone. I have already put in my order for a set of MiniOnes and am planning biotech units for all Biology students in my school and hopefully the district as well.

May 28, 2014

Shannon KlemannAdolfo Camarillo High SchoolCamarillo, CA