MiniOne has made a huge impact in my science classroom because it addresses some of the vital problems I have with doing labs. The equipment they provide is very easy to use and more user friendly than any of the other brands we have bought. Higher priced lab equipment now sit on a shelf because we only use MiniOne for our labs.

The products allow me to do labs in one day instead of running labs over multiple days like I used to do. The results are always better than what I get from other brands equipment. The gel electrophoresis chambers also have an awesome window on top that my students can take pictures from and watch the process as it occurs.

Less of the consumables are needed to run gel electrophoresis labs so the cost per lab is significantly reduced. Lab set up and clean-up is much easier with their system. MiniOne has saved me time, money, and frustration because their equipment is so easy to use and students can follow along with what they are required to do.