MiniOne is borderline life changing when it comes to electrophoresis. The time required for setting the lab up is significantly less than when using other kits and electrophoresis chambers. I can run a lab from start to finish in the one hour period and the students can actively watch the DNA run. In addition to the process being much faster, results are much easier to see, and with significantly less DNA and buffer used for the chamber. Electrophoresis usually requires multiple gallons of distilled water because of the amount of buffer needed for the chamber, but with the MiniOne chambers I needed less than one gallon of water.

My high school seniors who have run many gels over the course of the last four years were stunned at the ease, how little DNA was needed to run, and the fact that they really could watch the bands separate in real time. They loved that there was no guessing that the gel had run long enough, or that the voltage was set right because they could see the results right in front of their faces.