Thanks to a grant I was able to purchase a classroom set of MiniOne Electrophoresis systems, a MiniOne PCR system and several Minilabs for our school. It was fabulous. Each Minilab was designed to engage students and spark their curiosity. The materials provided in the Minilab were designed with the classroom in mind. It made it especially easy to set up individual work stations where students would have everything they needed in one place. The directions were clear, simple and easy for students to follow. There was no need to re-write or amend directions. This equipment was used successfully in all levels of biology (biology, honors biology and AP biology). 100% of my students were able to follow the directions and produce a DNA profile. Students were thrilled to photograph their results and were quick to share their experience on social media.
Kimberly Slaughter (Woodstock High School – Woodstock, IL)