I teach AP Biology, Honors Biology, and Honors Evolutionary Genetics at Athens Academy in Athens GA, and before moving into the high school I ran a research lab and managed undergraduate students in the Genetics department at UGA. When I began teaching I refused to purchase any “kits” or kit specific equipment because, with my research and biotech knowledge, I thought it would be better for the students and my budget to run labs like I had in the research world. However, when I took on Evolutionary Genetics (a research heavy course) I decided to try the MiniOne system with that class; and now I wish I had made the switch earlier! My students LOVED the Taste of Genetics MiniLab, the Foodborne Outbreak MiniLab, and the CSI Forensics MiniLab. Investigations that used to take a week to complete we could now complete in 1-2 class periods, and the students are now preparing all their reagents and pouring their gels rather than me preparing them during a planning period. The results are AMAZING, and my class had a blast with the hands on learning. I even had an issue with my MiniOne thermocycler, and was surprised that when I contacted customer service a person answered immediately (not an automated system) and they made sending the equipment in for repairs easy, as well as making the repairs in a timely manner. Last years students enjoyed class so much that this year my course enrollment has doubled, and I now am adding more MiniOne equipment to my classroom and plan to use the labs in my AP Biology and Honors Biology classes as well. If you are thinking about purchasing a MiniOne system…do it now! You will not regret the purchase, but you will regret not having the system and labs sooner!