We have used the MiniOne PCR system in our Advances in Biotechnology Laboratory course to amplify DNA fragments for cloning and to amplify complete plasmid molecules for site-directed mutagenesis. The little device worked perfectly as a thermocycler for the experiments, but it was ideal for the teaching laboratory. Of all thermocyclers we have used in the past, this one is by far the most adequate. As in any laboratory class, time to carry out the experiments is limited by the programmed periods. The MiniOne PCR system is so fast that this semester we could afford to do many more experiments. The advantages of the device do not stop at that; its other characteristics made it the most convenient we have ever used, and the students appreciated its attributes. First being so small and light made transportation before and during class very easy and took up little space from the normally crowded bench space. Also, we never had such a friendly user interface, it uses a mobile device for programming and controlling, and setting up is intuitive and visual. We took advantage of the stop and continue property, which allowed the students to take samples at different stages and visualize the reaction products as the amplification progressed. In summary, we had a wonderful experience with the MiniOne PCR system in our course this year. It was fun and easy to use, it allowed to use the space and time better than in previous years, and the students could perform a longer and more complete set of experiments. I strongly recommend the MiniOne PCR system for teaching laboratories and also for the research lab.