PTC Genetics MiniLab

Engage students with DNA analysis and Mendelian genetics as they connect genotype with phenotype and solve the mystery of Jillian, a student who cannot taste the bitter compound PTC, even though everyone in her immediate family can. Does Jillian have ancestors who couldn’t taste PTC or was she adopted? The PTC Genetics MiniLab is a perfect extension to any curriculum exploring population genetics, heredity, or human biology.

This MiniLab introduces students to a real-world scenario involving Mendelian genetics. Students formulate a hypothesis and an experiment to test it while developing an understanding of electrophoresis and genetic principles. They document and analyze their own results then determine genotypes from phenotypes and pedigrees. This guide provides sample answers to questions and explains certain steps in the protocol.

Teaching Resources

Utilize these teachers guides and classroom handouts to get the most out of your PTC Genetics MiniLab.

* Teachers, please contact us for password to access this file.

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PTC Genetics MiniLab

Students develop an understanding of electrophoresis and genetic principles in one class period using this fun and engaging MiniLab.

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