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Find STEM project ideas, PowerPoint presentations, teachers guides and classroom handouts to use with your MiniOne Electrophoresis System.

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How to Use Your MiniOne

This short 10-minute course will show you how you can easily use the Electro- phoresis System in your biotech classroom.

Free lesson

Introduction to NCBI Bioinformatics Databases

Begin your exploration of genomic big data with this fun and accessible online activity. Contact us for password to download.

MiniOne Protocol

Adaptation: Edvotek #118

How to use the Edvotek Cholesterol Diagnostic Kit (#118) with The MiniOne Electrophoresis System.

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Beyond Biotech- the STEM Behind MiniOne Electrophoresis

Are you looking for classroom activities that will bring together science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in one integrated experience? The solution could be at your fingertips - gel electrophoresis! Electrophoresis typically enters the biology curriculum as...

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Art Project Teaches Students How to Use a Pipette

This is a guest post courtesy of Mr. Andrew Faiz, a biology teacher at East Boston High School. A big thank you to Mr. Faiz for this wonderful blog post, and for sharing your fun, practical class project that helps students learn how to use a pipette while exploring...

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Handouts and Downloads

2016 NSTA Session Handouts

Handouts from our 2016 NSTA conference workshops- great resource for new ideas for teaching biotechnology labs.

MJ Murdock Handouts

Teaching resources from the M.J. Murdock Foundation conference focused on the relationship between teachers, suppliers, and outreach organizations.

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