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  • Gel Loading Practice Kit

    Gel Loading Practice MiniLab

    $49.00 M3002
  • MiniOne® Elec Grade Agarose Low EEO

    Agarose 100g

    $100.00 M3106-100g
  • PTC Genetics MiniLab

    PTC Genetics MiniLab

    $69.00 M3003
  • MiniOne® Elec Grade Agarose Low EEO

    Agarose 25g

    $45.00 M3106
  • DNA Fingerprinting MiniLab

    $69.00 M3004
  • Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab

    Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab

    $120.00 M3006
  • minione, gel, electrophoresis, gel, green,

    GelGreen(TM) DNA Stain 50 µl

    $20.00 M3113
  • Restriction Analysis of DNA MiniLab

    $79.00 M6051
  • Restriction Digest Basics MiniLab

    $69.00 M6050

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