Teachers and students are seeking new ways to take ownership in their STEM learning and education.  We are too for that matter!  That’s why when we were recently in New York, we took some time to visit the folks at the DNA Learning Center – Cold Spring Harbor and DNA Learning Center –  Harlem.

We stopped by to discuss the MiniOne System for gel electrophoresis and to gain a better understanding of the current DNA Learning Centers (DNALC) hands-on programs.  While we designed our gel electrophoresis units for student use, the best feedback comes from end users in the field:  educators and students.  We appreciate their time and energy sharing insights about their programs.  We also learned that this month (June) marks the 125th anniversary of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a private, not-for-profit research and education institution which remains at the forefront of biology and genetics.

Their programs range from educator workshops and student field trips to summer camps and student research partnerships.  We were very happy to see that their summer science day camps offer:  “Fun with DNA.  Be a Forensic Detective, explore Genome Science.”   (That’s right up our alley!)  We are particularly supportive of investigative lab work to empower students with research, lab skills and DNA research.

Talking with young people there and working with the staff, it is evident that the entire team is passionate about genetics and learning more about genetics!  We encourage parents and teachers to explore student STEM learning opportunities in your community this summer. The DNA Learning Center Summer Camps and programs like them occur throughout the country during the summer.

Contact the DNALC for more information on their programs or tweet them @DNALC #cshl125.