Pipetting is a fundamental and ubiquitous skill used in the molecular biology lab where samples volumes can be very small – possibly even scarce. Learning to use this real world skill benefits students, but research-grade micropipettes can be prohibitively expensive for the average classroom budget.

MiniOne Systems’ micropipettes are perfect for student use – both fixed and adjustable variable volume, universal fit, rugged, easy to use, accurate, and affordable.

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  • Fixed volume micropipette 50ul

    Fixed Volume Micropipette, 50 µL, set of 10 (M2073) – MiniOne Systems

    $299.00 M2073
  • MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette, 1,000 µL, set of 10 (M2072)

    $299.00 M2072
  • MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette, 100 µL, set of 10 (M2071)

    $299.00 M2071
  • MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette, 10 µL, set of 10 (M2070)

    $299.00 M2070
  • micropipette-case

    MiniOne® Micropipette Set with Case (M2016)

    Original price was: $295.00.Current price is: $219.00. M2016
  • ONE Series Micropipette Stand (EA1011)

    $100.00 EA1011
  • M2021 MiniOne Micropipette Stand

    MiniOne® Micropipette Stand (M2021)

    $89.00 M2021
  • MiniOne 1-10 µl Micropipette (M2012)

    $69.00 M2012
  • MiniOne 2-20 µl Micropipette (M2008)

    $69.00 M2008
  • MiniOne 20-200 µl Micropipettes (M2010)

    $69.00 M2010
  • MiniOne 100-1000 µl Micropipette (M2011)

    $69.00 M2011
  • ONE Series™ Micropipette Set of 4 in Case (EA-1014)

    Original price was: $461.00.Current price is: $429.00. EA-1014