Free Teacher Resources*

Whether you’re teaching remotely or in the classroom, take advantage of these PowerPoints, PearDecks, videos, worksheets and more that free up time for you while allowing your students to emmerse even deeper in biology concepts like forensics and genetics.



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Huntington's Disease Resources

Huntington’s Disease Resources

Teachers can utilize these free resources, including interactive pedigree trees and a virtual lab,  to teach Mendelian genetics and about inherited disease.

Pipetting Resources

Use these resources to help students develop their pipetting confidence through creative art and an interactive Jamboard.

Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab

PTC Inheritance Resources

Teach genetics, heredity, and human biology using these free teaching resources based on our popular PTC Genetics MiniLab

DNA Fingerprinting MiniLab

DNA Fingerprinting Resources

Quizzes, PearDecks, and more bring the essential concept of DNA Fingerprinting to students, whether teaching in the classroom or remotely.

Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab

Foodborne Outbreak Resources

These resources help students learn about hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data analysis using a real-world Shigella outbreak 

Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab

Infectious Diseases Resources

Teach students about exponential math and the spread of infectious diseases using these free teaching resources.

Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab

Restriction Enzymes

Teach students about restriction enzymes and their relationship to  gel electrophoresis using these interactive activities.