FREE Classroom Activities

Free activities from MiniOne Systems and our collaborators build on the skills and concepts learned in MiniOne MiniLabs and extend the range of affordable hands-on labs you can do with your MiniOne Micropipettes, Electrophoresis, and PCR.



Hardy-Weinberg Simulation

Students create a simulation of allele frequencies in a population using principles from the Hardy-Weinberg model and a TI-84 graphing calculator, including evaluation of classroom results from A Taste of Genetics (M6012)


Exploring Sensory Evolution with NCBI BLAST

Students use BLAST to investigate the TAS2R38 protein sequences across various species and lineages to construct a phylogenetic tree and determine in which lineage did type 2 taste receptor evolve.

MiniOne Standard Curve Activity

Calculate the sizes of unknown DNA bands using known molecular weight standard. This activity is compatible with any MiniOne molecular size standard or any MiniLab where a size standard is used.

Pipette Art Project

Students learn accurate pipetting skills while creating original artwork. By Andrew Faiz, inspired by his students. Read the blog post about this project.

Intro to NCBI Databases

Begin your exploration of genomic big data with this fun and accessible online activity. Contact us for password to download.

20-in-20: Fast and Fun Biotech

Twenty fast and fun biology labs that can each be completed in twenty minutes- a popular NSTA workshop by Whitney Hagins from the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation.

Biotechnology: Faster and Easier

Tips and tricks for teaching biotechnology, including essential equipment, pipetting technique, and where to get free reagents, by Whitney Hagins of the Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation.

Short Tandem Repeats PCR Activity

Teach PCR and human identification using short tandem repeats (STRs) with this pencil and paper simulation developed by the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG).