MiniOne Micropipettes

Pipetting, or the act of transferring and dispensing small volumes of reagents down to the microliter level, is a necessary skill to acquire and master as a lab assistant and researcher in  today’s lab. 

Available in 3 different styles – the ONE series, MiniOne adjustable volume pipette and the MiniOne full sized fixed volume pipette, MiniOne micropipettes are high-quality, durable and affordable – and an integral component of the MiniOne System.

What is a MiniOne Micropipette?

A pipette works similar to an eye-dropper. A button on the top of the pipette is depressed, causing the plunger to generate a vacuum that draws up liquid surrounding the tip when it is slowly released. With the MiniOne Electrophoresis System, a micropipette is used to transfer DNA samples into wells created in the agarose gel.

One FREE 2–20µl MiniOne micropipette comes with every MiniOne System purchased, and is engineered to work with all of the MiniLabs– an $89 value.

Shop for Micropipettes

Purchasing additional pipettes is recommended for replacements, teacher demonstrations, and to lessen waiting time between students. With 6 sizes of the ONE series pipettes, four sizes of the MiniOne adjustable volume pipettes, and four full sized fixed volume pipettes, cover your pipetting needs with the widest range of volume ranges.

MiniOne® Micropipette Set with Case 

$295.00 $219.00

MiniOne Systems’ lab-quality 3-micropipette set is ideal for the classroom. Contained in a protective case, your variable-volume micropipette set stays safe, organized, and clean. The MiniOne Micropipette Set and case is a fantastic value, and makes a great gift for any science teacher!