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  • bacterial transformation lab kit

    Let it Glow™ Bacterial Transformation MiniLab (M6300)

    $174.00 M6300
  • Who Has The Flu? Tracing Transmission with ELISA and PCR MiniLab (M6030)

    $159.00 M6030
  • MiniOne Casting System Lid – Opaque (Set of 5) (M2018)

    $39.00 M2018
  • PCR Tube Adaptor for The Winston Fluorescence Reader (M1053)

    $12.00 M1053
  • PTC Inheritance and Graphical Analysis MiniLab (M3012)

    $119.00 M3012
  • huntington's disease genetics lab

    Hunting the Inheritance of Huntington’s Disease MiniLab (M3010)

    $119.00 M3010
  • Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab

    Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab (M3006)

    $144.00 M3006
  • elephant ivory lab

    What’s in the Trunk? An Elephant Ivory Expedition (M3016TAE)

    $134.00 M3016TAE
  • Restriction Analysis of DNA MiniLab (M6053)

    $149.00 M6053

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