MiniOne MiniLab Guides

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Electrophoresis 101 MiniLab (M3001)

Gel Loading Practice Kit (M3002)

PTC Genetics MiniLab (M3003)

DNA Fingerprinting MiniLab (M3004)

CSI Forensics MiniLab (M3005)

Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab (M3006)

Colorful Dye Electrophoresis MiniLab (M3007)

PTC Inheritance and Graphical Analysis MiniLab (M3012, M3012-5SU)

PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab (M6001-6004)

A Taste of Genetics MiniLab (M6010-6012)

Restriction Digest Basics MiniLab (M6050)

Restriction Analysis of DNA MiniLab (M6053)

Candy Color Electrophoresis MiniLab (M3009)

PCR Cycle Number Analysis MiniLab (M6005)

Hunting the Inheritance of Huntington’s Disease MiniLab (M3010)

Determining the Genetics of a Cash Cow MiniLab (M3011)

Dilution Solution MiniLab (M3013):

 Taking Macrocolecules to Micro (M3014)

DNA Extraction Toolbox (M3015):

What’s in the Trunk? An Elephant Ivory Expedition (M3016TAE)

Let It Glow Bacterial Transformation MiniLab (M6300)

Sickle Cell Inheritance Reagent Pack (M3050)

Hypercholesterolemia Reagent Pack (M3051)

DNA Detectives Reagent Pack (M3052)

Analyzing a Crime Scene with DNA Reagent Pack (M3053)


Colorful Electrophoresis Single User Reagent Set (M3080)

Exploring Electrophoresis Single User Reagent Set (M3081)

Genetics Starter Single User Reagent Set (M3082)

Forensics Mysteries Single User Reagent Set (M3083)

AP Bio Fundamentals Single User Reagent Set (M3084)

AP Bio Fundamentals Expanded Single User Reagent Set (M3085)