MiniOne Classroom

How to Use Your MiniOne Electrophoresis System

This short 10-minute course will show you how you can easily use the Electrophoresis System in your classroom. In this course, you’ll learn how to pour and load the gel, and set up the buffer tank. As well, you’ll learn how to visualize and document the results.

Getting Started with Your Electrophoresis System

The MiniOne Electrophoresis System is a safe, classroom-friendly, compact system that replaces your traditional electrophoresis running tank, power supply, and UV transilluminator.

Meet Your Instructor

Maggie works with a lot of teachers in biotechnology. She understands the frustrations of teachers trying to teach their students electrophoresis in the classroom with traditional equipment.

What You’ll Learn

  • Introduction and Feature Overview
  • Gel Pouring and Loading
  • Setting up the Buffer Tank
  • How to Start to Run the Gel
  • Visualize and Document Results

Get to Know Your MiniOne Electrophoresis System