MiniOne PCR System:
Fast, Intuitive, and Accessible

DNA amplified and ready to run in 45 minutes

  • Affordable and accommodates up to 16 samples
  • Complete a lambda DNA amplification in 20 minutes
  • Excite and engage students with intuitive app on mobile device to program and monitor a PCR protocol

MiniOne Electrophoresis System:
Safe, Engaging, and Reliable

Teach an electrophoresis lab in 45 minutes

  • Complete and visualize DNA separation in 20 minutes
  • Hands-on labs engage students safely
  • Economical to run
  • Minimal prep work for teachers– students are able to prep, run, and clean up labs in one class period

MiniOne MiniLabs

Complete lab kits for hands-on learning

  • Fun, engaging, and affordable inquiry-based lessons
  • Complete lab kits include ready-to-pour GelCups, reagents, and supplies
  • Reduced pre-class prep time for the teachers with increased hands-on time for the students
  • Detailed guides with background information, step-by-step procedures, and worksheets

Micropipettes and Accessories

Variable volume micropipettes, micropipette tips, and microcentrifuge tubes.

Variable volume micropipettes are:

  • Durable and reliable adjustable volume micropipette
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation
  • Super affordable for educational use

MiniOne Multi-Speed Centrifuge

Compact, intuitive design and quiet operation – all at a great value

  • One rotor accommodates multiple tube sizes
  • Multiple speeds for multiple uses – quick spin and cell pelleting
  • Solidly built, quiet to operate, and intuitive to use

Download the PCR Mobile App

Apple iPhone

The MiniOne PCR Mobile App is now available and compatible with iPhone 5 and above with iOS 9 and above.

Apple iPad

The MiniOne PCR Mobile App is now available and compatible with iPad 2, iPad Air, or iPad mini 2 and above with iOS 9 and above.

Android Tablets

The MiniOne PCR Mobile App is now available and compatible with Android tablets such as Amazon Fire and above, Samsung Galaxy Tab A or Tab S4 with Android 5 (Lollipop) OS and above.