MiniOne Instructional Videos & User Manuals

Setting Up Your MiniOne® Electrophoresis System

The MiniOne® Electrophoresis System may not look like the traditional systems you’ve used before! Watch the video above for a primer on setting up and running gels on your system.

How to Use MiniOne Gel Cups and Casting System

MiniOne GelCups save teachers time and make it possible for students to pour and cast their own agarose gels. Here’s a video to get you started using our game-changing MiniOne GelCups.

How To Dilute Your 20X TBE Buffer Concentrate Bottle

How to Dilute 20X TBE BufferCup

How to Store 1X TBE Buffer Concentrate Bottle

How to Test Buffer in the MiniOne Electrophoresis System

Introduction to Gel Electrophoresis, by NC Bionetwork

Need an introduction to the concept of gel electrophoresis? This animation explores the fundamentals of gel electrophoresis by covering equipment setup and use, loading of DNA samples as well as concepts of molecule separation, gel analysis, and common electrophoresis applications.

Bean Dip Biotech

A fantastic video from a student at Union High School in Washington. An introduction to electrophoresis and our Foodborne Outbreak MiniLab, through the eyes of a student! Great work, Audrey!

Students trying MiniOne for the first time!

In this great video sent to us from Rio Mesa High School teacher Carrie Fong, we get to see students getting hands-on with the MiniOne Electrophoresis System for the first time. Carrie Fong was able to get this game-changing equipment to her students thanks to funding acquired using To learn more about using DonorsChoose to get your own MiniOne Systems and labs for your classroom, click here. 

MiniOne® PCR System

MiniOne PCR User Manuals

MiniOne PCR Instruction Manual

MiniOne PCR Mobile App Installation Instructions



Instructional Videos

Setting up Your MiniOne PCR System

The MiniOne PCR System revolutionizes teaching hands-on polymerase chain reaction DNA amplification in classrooms. View the video below for an introduction to setting up your MiniOne PCR System.

How to Use the MiniOne PCR App for iPhone

The MiniOne PCR System is controlled by a smartphone or tablet app over Bluetooth LE (no cords or WiFi needed!). Watch the video below for a walk through of programming a PCR protocol on iPhone.