About Embi Tec

World Class Research Laboratory Solutions for the Classroom

At Embi Tec, we design state-of-the-art instruments used in the world’s top research laboratories. Our core belief is that instruments used in educational classes deserve the same high quality, attention to details and design as those used for world class research. Our product, the MiniOne , took 18 months to develop so that an affordable electrophoresis unit  can easily and safely be implemented into a molecular biology-based science laboratory curriculum. The MiniOne was designed to be a high quality, compact system from gel casting to separating DNA bands so that results are known in a single class period. Molecular biology has never been made easier for the student and teacher.

Our Contact Info

POs from school districts must be written out to Embi Tec. Please remit to P.O. Box 795, La Jolla, CA 92038, or email a copy to orders@embitec.com