While we were in New York we stopped off to visit Rye Country Day School to learn about their biology and STEM learning programs.  Rye Country Day embraces both a traditional and innovative approach to education –  meaning they encourage students to take ownership in their education and empower them to do so. We were pleased to be able to learn more about their approach.

We had the opportunity to spend time with Catherine Bischoff, Science Department Chair, and Joe Rue, Science Teacher.  Catherine and Joe shared their excitement about using the MiniOne System in their upcoming term biology curriculum.

Thanks for the hospitality.  Hope to see you on our next NY trip!

How can your school integrate gel electrophoresis into its biology curriculum?

Integrating gel electrophoresis into biology curriculum can present both an opportunity and a challenge.  There are many great resources available through the National Association of Biology Teachers and National Science Teachers Association to guide you through developing a curriculum that is right for you and your students.   If you have any questions, please drop us a line or tweet us @MiniOneSystem

Our next road trip takes us through southern California, visiting with both high school and colleges who are using the MiniOne System.  Stay tuned!

Image credit:  Rye Country Day School