New Biology Teacher Resources Coming Your Way

“Back to school” means back to teaching! Are you ready to engage your biology students and teach them to love all things science??? Of course you are!

We know you can do it with the right resources! You can engage and empower your biology students to understand concepts, processes and results using various techniques: discussion, presentation, interactive and investigative experiments and more!

To help you and your students down this path, we’ve been busy at work on a series of training and tutorial videos. Impactful and quick, these videos will help you and your students maximize classroom lab time. We’ve just wrapped production and will release them as a series over the next few months via our Youtube Channel. Stay tuned!

Here’s a peek at the behind-the-scenes taping at our most recent shoot at San Diego Miramar College.

MiniOne Electrophoresis Video Shoot - Behind the Scenes     Behind the Scenes MiniOne Video Shoot