Since the release of the classic MiniOne Electrophoresis System, we’ve reached out to teachers around the globe to get their reactions to our DNA separation hardware, consumables, and labs. Their responses have been overwhelmingly positive, but they’ve also provided feedback on ways we could improve the hardware to make it even simpler and safer.

Enter the upgraded MiniOne , which is the same unparalleled biotech teaching tool, re-engineered for simple, error-free setup and visualization of clear bright bands. Every improvement was meticulously executed to enhance reliability, durability, and educational value of the MiniOne System.

Improvements you will notice include:

  • Added vents in hood to deter condensation
  • Gel tray only fits one way into tank to ensure DNA travels in correct direction
  • Round head rivets ensure tank slides smoothly into carriage and makes contact with electrodes

Are you interested in trying out the new and improved MiniOne DNA electrophoresis system? Click here to get a quote for your classroom, or order today!