Tooltip TextThe redesigned and upgraded MiniOne Electrophoresis System is sure making waves in the world of biotech education. We are pleased to report that ABE (Amgen Biotech Experience) educators are impressed with the advancements, especially the improved, more focused light source. The teachers reported that low molecular weight bands that were difficult or impossible to detect in the past are now visualized without issue.

It’s great feedback like this from ABE teachers that makes us so excited to bring the MiniOne into more classrooms.

Check out these fantastic results sent to use from ABE teachers around the world!


A photo from an ABE teacher using the new MiniOne. That 377 bp band shows up beautifully, even after a 35 minute run.

Plasmid digestion results from another ABE teacher. Check out the low molecular weight pARA digestion product in Lane 4 and the pKAN-R digestion product in Lanes 2 and 7.


Interested learning more about this system that’s been making waves in the educational biotech world? Click here, or order your own MiniOne Electrophoresis System here.