Candy Color Electrophoresis MiniLab

Visual introduction to STEM concepts


  • Students prepare a colored extract from familiar candies, or food
  • Cast, load, and run an agarose gel to analyze dye mixtures
  • Interpret an electrophoresis gel using the concept that migration speed is determined by molar mass and electric charge
  • Perform simple calculations on molar mass and electric charge

Difficulty Level: 

SKU: M3009
Lab techniques covered:
Gel Electrophoresis
Major HKDSE-related chapters: DNA fingerprinting

Teacher and Student Guide downloads:

Materials included:

  • Candies in six different colors
  • Dye extraction buffer
  • Dye extraction trays
  • Agarose Gel Cups
  • Running buffer
  • Pipette tips 
  • Microcentrifuge tubes