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DNA Fingerprinting Distance Learning Resources 

These DNA Fingerprinting resources, including interactive presentations and quizzes, are ideal for educators currently employing distance learning practices. They can also come in handy for any teachers looking to expand on the concepts covered by our hands-on DNA Fingerprinting MiniLab.

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Did you know that scientists identify individual whales based on the black and white markings on their flukes (the two halves of their tail)?  Whales in a competitive pod (a female and several males trying to mate with her) often break out of the water, revealing their flukes and pectoral fins in an attempt to impress the lady. 

In our DNA Fingerprinting MiniLab, students use gel electrophoresis to determine parentage of a female baby whale, Luna, from a whale pod.  Conservation biologists had followed the pod the previous year, narrowing down the potential father to three individuals. Students load, run, and document a gel to determine which of the three potential males is Luna’s father.


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DNA Fingerprinting

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