Hunting the Inheritance of Huntington’s Disease MiniLab

Understanding Mendelian genetics & constructing pedigree


  • Study Mendelian genetics by using a real-life example of the inheritance of Huntington’s Disease (an autosomal dominant genetic disease)
  • Students form groups to construct a family pedigree and use the pedigree to observe disease patterns and make predictions about the inheritance of HD
  • To develop an understanding of gel electrophoresis to confirm predictions & explain patterns observed using scientific data
  • Extension activities: role play as genetic counselors, debate on genetic testing, construct a standard curve to find out the gene fragment sizes

Difficulty Level: 
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Lab techniques covered: Pipetting, Gel Electrophoresis
Major HKDSE-related chapters: Carrier of Genetic information – DNA, Mendelian Inheritance, Human Inheritance (Pedigree), DNA fingerprinting, PCR

Teacher and Student Guide downloads:

Materials included:

  • Pedigree Frame & name cards
  • 5 DNA samples
  • GreenGel Cups
  • Running buffer
  • Pipette tips 
  • Microcentrifuge tubes