Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab

AP Biology students become epidemiologists in this challenging lab based on a real-world Shigella outbreak. Over two days, students will construct a hypothesis based on interview data and food production process, design an experiment to test their hypothesis, then set up and run their experiment using gel electrophoresis. Along the way, students will explore the concepts of DNA-based assays and their role in food safety and public health research, and learn the importance of positive and negative controls for sensitive molecular assays. Lively class discussion is sure to follow as students interpret their data, critique each other’s experimental design, and evaluate the merits of multiple levels of correct answers.

The Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab exercise encourages students to ask the right questions and develop the skills for approaching a problem with the scientific method.

Teaching Resources

Utilize these teachers guides and classroom handouts to get the most out of your Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab.

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Foodborne Outbreak Investigation MiniLab

An inquiry-based lab incorporating hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data analysis. This AP Biology level lab is designed to be equivalent to a college level lab.

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