PCR 101 MiniLab

Go viral with the lambda phage genome

  • Students will learn the molecular mechanisms of PCR & how gel electrophoresis is used to analyze PCR products
  • Set up four PCR reactions with three primer sets and one negative control
  • Predict the sizes of the PCR products from the genomic sequence and primer sequence
  • Test the prediction by running an agarose gel

Difficulty Level: 
SKU: M6001
Lab techniques covered: Pipetting, Gel Electrophoresis
Major HKDSE-related chapters: Recombinant DNA (restriction enzyme), DNA fingerprinting, PCR

Teacher and Student Guide downloads:

Materials included:

  • FastTaq PCR MasterMix
  • 3 primer sets
  • Lambda phage DNA
  • Other reagents
  • Running buffer
  • GreenGel Cups
  • Thin-walled PCR tubes