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Set of ten 50 µL fixed-volume pipettes with 2-stop plungers. Ideal for the classroom, allowing students to reinforce their understanding of when to use each of the 2 plunger positions.

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Pipetting is a fundamental and ubiquitous skill used in the molecular biology lab where samples volumes can be very small – possibly even scarce – so before students take on the task of using an adjustable volume pipette, they can get practice with this rugged, yet easy-to-use fixed volume pipette.

The MiniOne Fixed Volume Micropipette is a full-sized single volume pipette ideal for teaching students how to use a 2-stop micropipette. With both a first and second stop, this pipette enforces the skill of knowing when to use the first stop (used to fill the micropipette tip) and second stop (to dispense the contents of the tip).

This fixed volume micropipette has a set volume of 50 µL, so no dials to worry about over-cranking, while still providing the authentic feel of a micropipette. Universal tip holder, with a color indicator on the top of the plunger to identify the volume.

Set of 10 micropipettes.


Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6.5 × 6.5 in

Product tests comply with ISO8655 standards and inspection certification is provided


Manufactured according to ISO13485 standards

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