The Winston Fluorescence Reader, Classroom Pack of 10 (M1052)



10 full sets of MiniOne Systems’ The Winston Fluorescence Readers. Allow students to use fluorescence to detect and see samples glow in colorthey won’t believe.



Samples are often colorless or too small to see in the molecular biology lab so scientists use fluorescent stains and tag to find their molecules of interest. The Winston can make the invisible visible for your students, including allowing them to test for DNA in an extracted sample and then use The Winston to help see how efficient a student developed DNA extraction protocol is, developing their dilution skills by using The Winston to perform a visual check on dilutions made with fluorescent solutions, and visualizing PCR products at various cycles to quantitate to show how qPCR works

With MiniOne Systems’ Winston Fluorescence Reader, students use fluorescence to detect and see samples glow in colors they won’t believe! 

Each Winston includes:

  • One MiniOne® Photo Hood
  • One MiniOne® Fluorescence Reader Base with space for up to 4 DNA samples
  • One rechargeable battery (installed)
  • USB charging cable


As a part of the community that Winston helped bring together, we invite you to submit what you discover with The Winston and we will post those protocols on line to share with others. To submit an activity please email us at: The Winston will make you GLOW!



A bit about Winston Walker:

Winston Walker dedicated his life to serving his country and finding solutions, whether on his aircraft or in industry following his extensive military service. His drive to make science education more accessible led to the development of the MiniOne Electrophoresis and PCR Systems. His final contribution is The Winston Fluorescence Reader, which helps students of all ages answer various questions around molecules. His impact on science education is global, bringing equality to teachers and students worldwide.

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in