ONE Series™ Micropipette Set of 3 (EA-1010)

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ONE Series™ micropipettes are sturdy, accurate, and ergonomic. This set of three is is a great value for scientific research or for the classroom setting.

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Micropipettes are essential tools in any lab setting. The ONE Series™ Micropipette Set includes 3 research-quality ONE Series™ variable volume micropipettes, ideal for use with MiniOne Electrophoresis and PCR systems as well in as other classroom and lab applications.


Included with each MiniOne Micropipette Set:

  • 2-20 µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#EA-1002)
  • 20-200µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#EA-1003)
  • 100-1000 µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#EA-1005)
  • Volume calibration tool (3)
  • Sample pipette tips
  • Variable volume micropipette inspection certification (3)
  • Micropipette operation manual

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.875 × 10.375 × 1.5 in

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