ONE Series™ Micropipette Set of 3 With Case (EA-1010)


ONE Series™ micropipettes are sturdy, accurate, and ergonomic. This set of three, which come in a durable, practical carrying case, is is a great value for scientific research or for the classroom setting.


Micropipettes are essential tools in any lab setting. The ONE Series™ Micropipette Set includes 3 research-quality ONE Series™ variable volume micropipettes, ideal for use with MiniOne Electrophoresis and PCR systems as well in as other classroom and lab applications. This set of efficient, ubiquitous micropipettes come protected in a case constructed of durable, easy-to-clean, waterproof-coated lycra. With its carrying strap, rugged velcro closure, and mesh pocket to hold pipette tips or other small items, the case ensures your pipette set stays safe, organized, and clean, use after use.


Included with each MiniOne Micropipette Set:

  • 2-20 µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#EA-1002)
  • 20-200µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#EA-1003)
  • 100-1000 µl variable volume micropipette (1) (#EA-1005)
  • Volume calibration tool (3)
  • Sample pipette tips
  • MiniOne Micropipette Case
  • Variable volume micropipette inspection certification (3)
  • Micropipette operation manual

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.875 × 10.375 × 1.5 in

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