PTC Genetics MiniLab

Mendelian inheritance of an observable trait

    • For students familiar with electrophoresis- expand their knowledge of genetic principles and Mendelian inheritance
    • Develop a hypothesis about the genetic basis of observed phenotypic traits and run an experiment to test it
    • Use a Punnett square to explain experimental results
    • Construct a family tree to explain inheritance of a trait

Difficulty Level: 

SKU: M3003
Lab techniques covered:
Gel Electrophoresis
Major HKDSE-related chapters: Detecting the Environment, Mendelian Inheritance, Human Inheritance (Pedigree), Recombinant DNA (Restriction enzyme), DNA fingerprinting

Materials include:

  • PTC test strips
  • 6 DNA samples
  • GreenGel Cups
  • Running buffer
  • Pipette tips 
  • Microcentrifuge tubes