Teach and Do PCR in 45 Minutes

The new MiniOne™ PCR System is designed to provide fast, easy, and reliable hands-on PCR DNA amplification experiences in the classroom. Students can set up reactions, program PCR amplification protocol, and monitor the PCR reaction progress on mobile devices (iPad or Android)* – all in one classroom session. Set up and prep for the experiment is fast and simple. The MiniOne PCR System is fast, intuitive to program, easy to set up, and affordable for classroom use.

$799 including a validation kit.


MiniOne™ PCR System Features


Fast. Intuitive. Affordable.

MiniOne™ PCR System revolutionizes teaching hands-on PCR DNA amplification in classrooms. Designed specifically for student use in the classroom, it features:

  • Temperature range from 4 – 99°C , including the ability to hold reactions at 4°C.
  • 16-sample capacity accommodating multiple student groups.
  • Peltier-based temperature cycling technology for fast heating and cooling.
  • PCR unit to mobile device connection requires no cable and no wifi for simplified classroom management.
  • Intuitive and interactive software app on mobile device engages students by having them program and monitor their own PCR reactions.

Simple and Fast Set-up

MiniOne™ PCR System is fast to set-up and simple to program. With PCR 101 MiniLab, key enzymes and reagents, primers, master mixes, and consumable are included for simplified classroom management.


Interact. Engage. Learn.

Students engage and learn by programing their PCR reactions and monitoring the temperature cycling in real-time via the MiniOne™ PCR System software on their mobile device.


Amplification completed.

After the PCR reactions are completed, the samples can be held at 4°C in the unit until they are ready for the next step. The samples can be run on a gel in the MiniOne™ Electrophoresis System or stored in the refrigerator immediately.


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