PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab


Learn the fundamentals of PCR with the PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab.

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Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is an essential technique in today’s molecular biology and biotech applications. Starting with a small sample of DNA, scientists can produce billions of copies of a specific fragment quickly and affordably. With our PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab, students amplify fragments from the Lambda phage genome while learning the mechanism of DNA amplification with PCR and analyze their results using gel electrophoresis.

PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab:

  • Fast, affordable, and hands-on lab to teach the fundamentals of PCR
  • Students will understand the molecular mechanism of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and gel electrophoresis
  • Students set up, program, and monitor their own PCR reactions via a wireless mobile device
  • Students cast, load, and run a gel to estimate the size of PCR fragments in comparison to a molecular weight standard

PCR 101 and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLab includes:

  • 2% Agarose GreenGel in-a-Cup, MiniOne TBE Concentrate, three primer sets, PCR MasterMix, lambda DNA sample, 0.2mL flat-cap PCR tubes, and microcentrifuge tubes
  • Reagents and supplies enough for 10 student groups, with 3 – 4 students per group
  • Teacher and student guides with background information, step-by-step procedures, questions for critical thinking, student worksheets for analysis, and sample answers for teachers
  • Hands-on lab that can be completed in two class periods
  • Store at 4°C; GreenGel-in-a-Cup should be left in the original box and protected from light
  • Guaranteed stable for three months with proper storage


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