This guest post comes from Carrie Fong, teacher at Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard, CA. is a great organization to get materials.  It is also very transparent and teachers do not do any of the purchasing or handling of money.  UNLIKE or or other donation websites, teachers on DonorsChoose must create project pages that outline specific items they want by writing what resources they need, why, and student outcomes.  Teachers will then select the items in their cart and add it to their project page.  Teachers can ONLY receive the materials if their entire project is funded.  Parents and community members can donate to the page.  Once a teacher posts a project it cannot be edited.  What donors see, is what the teacher will get.
I find a lot of success with DonorsChoose because parents might feel uncomfortable making cash donations directly to the teachers, not knowing where that donation goes.  With DonorsChoose, a donation is made directly to the project and once completed, DonorsChoose handles all purchasing and the teacher receives only the materials that were outlined in the project.
If you want to see the write up I did that got me my MiniOnes you can view it here!
As you can see from my project page, donors can see exactly what things cost (miniOnes, and MiniLabs, shipping, handling, etc.), what it is used for, how it will impact student learning.  In addition, people can post on my page when they donate which builds momentum.  I’d be happy to discuss further if you would like.
Tip:  I share my project via social media, to parents, and friends.  I ask that they each forward or circulate my project page as well.  That seems to really help it get seen and people make donations.
Thanks to Carrie for sharing her insight on this important topic. We hope your classroom enjoys getting hands on with forensics and solve the case of who killed Dr. Ward!