MiniOne Instructional Videos & User Manuals

Setting Up Your MiniOne® Electrophoresis System

The MiniOne® Electrophoresis System may not look like the traditional systems you’ve used before! Watch the video above for a primer on setting up and running gels on your system.

How to Use MiniOne Gel Cups and Casting System

MiniOne GelCups save teachers time and make it possible for students to pour and cast their own agarose gels. Here’s a video to get you started using our game-changing MiniOne GelCups.

MiniOne® PCR System

MiniOne PCR User Manuals

MiniOne PCR System Getting Started Guide
MiniOne PCR Mobile App Installation Instructions



Instructional Video

Setting up Your MiniOne PCR System

The MiniOne PCR System revolutionizes teaching hands-on polymerase chain reaction DNA amplification in classrooms. View the video above for an introduction to setting up your MiniOne PCR System.

Using the MiniOne PCR App

The MiniOne PCR System can be programmed using an intuitive app for your mobile device. Here is how to use the app.