MiniOne PCR and Electrophoresis Biotech Basics Set (M4211USBASIC)


This Biotech Basics package includes the MiniOne PCR and Electrophoresis systems, along with a FREE micropipette. The Biotech Basics set comes packaged in a rugged carrying and organizing case.

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The MiniOne Biotech Basics kit has everything you need to get started teaching hands-on biotech labs in the classroom– or remotely! The MiniOne PCR and Electrophoresis Biotech Basics Set is an affordable biotech kit that enables students to take ownership of genetics and forensics labs from start to finish.  And with the convenient and rugged carrying case, your equipment is kept organized and clean… and can travel, whether from storage closet to lab or lab to home.

The MiniOne Biotech Basic Set is the perfect kit for life science, biology, AP Biology, Forensics, and ag educators –  containing the robust equipment you trust from MiniOne Systems, including:

MiniOne Electrophoresis System which includes:
1 x MiniOne Carriage with Blue LED lights
1 x Gel Tank with Graphite Electrodes
1 each Grey and Black Gel Tray Platforms
1 x Casting System with 2 Gel Trays and 2 reversible combs for 6 and 9 well gels
1 x Amber filter Photo Hood for Real Time Viewing and Capturing Gel Image
1 x 42V Power Supply, 100 – 240V
1 x FREE 2-20 microliter variable volume micropipette
1 x MiniOne Instruction Manual


MiniOne PCR System which includes:
1 x MiniOne PCR System, power supply and US power cord
1 x PCR validation kit


All items are packed in the MiniOne Systems Carrying Case (M4011CASE)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 6 in

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