Pipette Pointillism (M3017)


Science and art go hand in hand with this hands-on STEAM activity that develops pipetting skills while also engaging the student’s artistic side.


Pipetting is a foundational skill found in many fields including forensics, environmental science/conservation, health science and food science in addition to chemistry and biology. 

A little bit of practice goes a long way! 

In this STEAM activity, students will make art using drops of color dye – similar to the pointillism art technique. They can either use a pre-made design or create their own design, using different colors and appropriate drop sizes to make the dots. By keeping track of the drop volumes on the student worksheet, they can calculate how much total volume they use, develop a sense of scale for the sizes of volumes, and fine tune their motor skills in handling a pipette. 

The entire STEAM activity can be completed in the span of a single classroom period. 

Ideal for middle and high school students. 

Materials Included in each MiniLab:

Each MiniLab contains enough materials for 20 students

  • Four color dyes (red, blue, green, yellow)
  • 20 plain stock cards for free form art
  • 20 stock cards with pre-printed designs 
  • One Student worksheet with dot tracker and task guide
  • Plastic portion cups, enough for 6 per student, 20 students
  • One bag of 2 – 200 µL pipette tips

Materials/equipment required, not included:

Teacher Resources:


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 5 in