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Storing Casted Electrophoresis Gels – a Teacher Guest Blog

Hello! I'm Diane, an AP Biology teacher who attended a recent MiniOne workshop in New Jersey, and I'd like to share an interesting revelation I had while working with my MiniOne DNA Electrophoresis System in my classroom: it's possible to store casted electrophoresis...

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Happy New Year from MiniOne Systems!

The holiday lights are down and the champagne glasses are away, and here at MiniOne® Systems, we’re settling into the new normal. We wanted to drop in with a giant THANK YOU to the educators, scientists, friends and acquaintances that helped us make 2017 such an...

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Colorful PCR Systems Debut at NSTA New Orleans

Who says biotech equipment has to be dull? At NSTA New Orleans this November, MiniOne Systems debuted their fun, colorful new PCR systems in beautiful shades of green, purple orange, and blue… and as you can see, the crowd went wild over them! These playful and...

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MiniOne Impresses at Amgen Biotech Experience

The redesigned and upgraded MiniOne Electrophoresis System is sure making waves in the world of biotech education. We are pleased to report that ABE (Amgen Biotech Experience) educators are impressed with the advancements, especially the...

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Music, Food, and DNA Amplification: ASMCUE 2017 in Denver!

We’re leaving on a jet-plane…to Denver for ASMCUE 2017! The MiniOne Systems team is so excited to reconvene with old friends and new at another meeting of the nation’s best undergraduate microbiology educators. We had a fantastic time sharing the MiniOne...

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Help us Congratulate our ASMCUE 2016 Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce the two lucky winners of our ASMCUE 2016 Focus Group contest: Dr. Aimee Hollander of Nicholls State University and Dr. Jaclyn Madden of Harford Community College. Congratulations to the both of you! We offered two prizes: a MiniOne...

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Gel Electrophoresis

Looking at a sample of purple dye, how can you know if it is really purple? Could it be a mixture of blue and red dyes? Electrophoresis is a technique used in many areas of science to analyze and separate samples by applying a constant electric field across a...

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Experimental Design

The best way to test a hypothesis is through controlled, systematic, and reproducible experiments. Proper experimental design is critical for obtaining usable, reliable, and applicable data. There are two important components to be considered: variables and controls....

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Congratulations to ASHG DNA Day Contest Winners

Results are in and we would like say CONGRATULATIONS! to ASHG DNA Day Essay Contest winners   This year’s ASHG DNA Day Essay contest boasts submissions from 44 states and 23 foreign countries. This contest challenges students to examine, question, and reflect on...

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