1% GelCup (no stain), pack of 12, 40 mL (M3551TBE)


These larger sized MiniOne Gel GelCups are essential for the busy biology teacher, allowing you to use non-MiniOne electrophoresis systems to run MiniOne MiniLabs. By pre-cutting, weighing, and packaging the agarose gel in individual microwavable cups, we’ve significantly cut down preparation time for the teacher, while giving students the opportunity to safely pour their own gels for electrophoresis.

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MiniOne GelCups are great for saving prep time and visualizing your results right away. Just peel back the cover to vent, microwave for 30 seconds and pour your gel into your casting system. Throw away the gels in normal trash once you’re done – no hazardous waste.

These GelCups are ideal for non-MiniOne Electrophoresis systems that require larger volumes of molten agarose to cast gels for the student activity where color dyes are being used as the samples and no staining is needed. 1% GelCups can be used with MiniOne’s M3007 Colorful Dye Electrophoresis, M3009 Candy Color Electrophoresis, or M3008 NGSS-Aligned Color Dyes and Gel Electrophoresis MiniLabs, or other DNA electrophoresis activities that require a 1% agarose gel with no staining. TBE Buffer is not included but can be purchased separately, M3101TBE Buffer Concentrate (20X) 500 mL, to make 10 L of running buffer. 

Your DNA bands can be visualized and documented using a PrepOne Sapphire and Photo Hood for Smart Devices (M5000). 

Each order comes with 12 GelCups. Gels are ready to cast in seconds

  • Microwave for 30 seconds to melt agarose and pour
  • Agarose is pre-melted and mixed to the correct percentage for quick remelt in microwave
  • Each GelCup makes 40 ml of molten agarose for a 1% gel
  • Eliminates the hassles of measuring out ingredients for making an agarose gel
  • Store at Store at 4 to 10℃ and protected from light. Do not freeze GelCups.
  • Stable for six months with proper storage


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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