Classroom Pack of MiniOne® PCR Systems – MiniOne PCR System for Education (M4010US)


The MiniOne PCR System is the premier thermal cycler for education. Now available in a pack of ten, allowing all students in the classroom to engage deeply with core biology concepts.


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The MiniOne PCR System is the thermal cycler to revolutionize teaching hands-on polymerase chain reaction DNA amplification in classrooms. Now available in a classroom pack of ten, each and every student in your classroom can be engaged and involved with DNA amplification labs. Allow your students to set up reactions and program and monitor their PCR protocol on their smart devices.

This 16-sample capacity thermal cycler has a 4°C to 99°C temperature range with heated lid, constant temperature for PCR cycling programs, Peltier element for fast heating and cooling, intuitive app for programming and monitoring on a mobile device (Android or iPad), and Bluetooth LE connectivity, meaning no cables or relying on your school’s wifi. And although one of the barriers to teaching PCR-based labs is that the time required for the amplification cycles often exceeds a class period, the MiniOne PCR System, with its advanced design, completes a typical amplification protocol 50% faster.  DNA samples are amplified and ready to run on your electrophoresis system in one classroom period. 

Inquiry-based, hands-on labs you can teach with the MiniOne PCR System include PCR 101, genetics, and exponential growth modeling.  A rugged and versatile thermo cycler, it can perform constant temperature protocols for incubating samples at temperatures between  4°C to 99°C, serving as both an ice bucket and a heat block to teach bacterial transformation.  


A Classroom Pack of MiniOne PCR Systems includes:

*Mobile device must be purchased separately. PCR app is available for download on most Apple and Android devices. 

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 34 × 30 in
Sample Capacity

16 x 0.2 mL standard PCR tubes

Operating Voltage

100 – 240 VAC

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